About Ferrari Interiors

Ferrari Interiors has been creating stylish, practical and affordable interiors for both residential and commercial clients in Melbourne since opening our doors in 2004.

Here is what we believe;

1.  A good interior designer will save you money

When it comes to interior design it’s easy to make costly mistakes like purchasing an over-sized sofa that makes an apartment feel crammed. Having practiced interior design in Melbourne for many years, Bernadette Ferrari has developed great relationships with furniture and homeware suppliers and has access to showrooms closed to the public, so Ferrari Interiors can source unique pieces that are just right for your apartment and pass on great savings to you.

2.  A good interior designer will save you time

If you’re like most of our clients, you don’t have time to run around searching for the perfect furniture, fixtures and accessories for your apartment’s interior, and this is where Ferrari Interiors comes in. We consider everything from space allocation, traffic flow and surface finishes, to the purpose, efficiency, comfort, safety and design aesthetic of each room in your apartment.  Essentially our job is to make life easy for you.

3.  A good interior designer has great contacts

To save you time and headaches Ferrari Interiors will ensure the best and most trusted architects, builders and tradespersons in Melbourne are working on your apartment. And you can leave it to us to liaise directly with them on your behalf to make sure the  design work is successfully completed.

4.  A good interior designer will tailor a design solution especially for you

Here at Ferrari Interiors we endeavour to be as flexible as possible. We work with a variety of budgets – no apartment design job is too large, or too small so give us a ring and tell us what you’d like to achieve.

5.  A good interior designer will create a space that reflects your unique personality

Like an item of clothing, an apartment’s interior has to fit its owner. Let’s face it, when ankle boots are in-style they will not suit everybody, so like fashion people shouldn’t be a slave to design trends. Our job is to design an apartment that reflects your unique personality and lifestyle. Ferrari Interiors also specialise in fitting out rental properties, and take into account the needs and tastes of your target market.



For further information please ring Bernadette at Ferrari Interiors on 0417 088 602, or email